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About the project

Better Rankings.

About my SEO services

I’ve been managing SEO campaigns big and small for over 10 years. Here are the types of typical projects that I work on.

SEO Consultation

Many organizations require a third party opinion and strategy. I can work towards your organization’s goals by consulting on a structured agreement or on an as-needed basis.

SEO Implementation

Need someone to get in there and start optimizing? I do a lot of SEO optimization work whether it’s crawling through code to find why something’s not indexed properly, or finding link building opportunities. There’s a thousand places to start, so generally I’ll begin working on researching what the company requires.

SEO Research

Knowing what to optimize and work on is the first step. Prior to jumping in, I like to do some research. Generally it’s competitive research, on-page code analysis and keyword research.

SEO Audits

Many organizations require a one-off SEO audit to know what to repair and why. All of my audits are prioritized by need and delivered in an easy to understand format.

SEO for Enterprise

My specialty is in scalable SEO solutions. After working with many larger organizations through the years I’ve learned how to pull the levers that work for Enterprise. I work with companies on changing what can be changed, and a system that works with your organization.